World of Bob

VEDA Day 15 and today let’s have a quick chat about my relationship with comic books.

VEDA Day 14 and today I talk about my favourite TV shows of all time.



Things that don’t exist 

The pineapple/owl though

VEDA Day 13 and I decided that as it was a nice afternoon I would do the latest Art Assignment and find a quiet place. I’ve lived here for years so I pretty much knew where the best place to go would be. But I did explore a bit further than I usually bother with. I walked around the field looking for nooks where there wasn’t too much wind for filming, I sat in the sun for a bit and I took a few photos which are here:

VEDA Day 12 and today I was building a new PC for a friend so I decided to film a timelapse.

VEDA Day 11 and today I talk about what I would do in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

VEDA Day 10 and today I have a little rant about early access games on Steam.

VEDA Day 9 and today’s video is just a mini update about nothing because I was short on time, but I wanted to keep my streak going.

VEDA Day 8 and for Reviews Day Tuesday I talk about my favourite book, The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton.

Buy the book: